Biomechanical Assessments and Program Design

We Always Assess First


At Dekhana Wellness, we believe in assessing every client in order to effectively create a proper and efficient exercise program.  Our biomechanical assessment requires 2 hours of measurements and analysis including assessments of:

- Posture on a Plumbline

- Spinal Curvatures and Range of Motion

- Muscle Length/Tension and Range of Motion

- Primal Pattern Movement

- Abdominal Wall Function

- Body Composition

- Review of Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Paperwork

$300 for Complete 2 hour Biomechanical Assessment

Exercise Programs


Using the ptEnhance software, we take your results from the biomechanics assessment and carefully analyze them in order to create a custom 6 Week workout program for you to follow on your way to achieving your fitness goals.  With this software, all programs are available online using the mobile app or if you prefer, using your iPad or Laptop.  Just in case you forget any of the movements, photos and videos are provided by using the ptEnhance software in order to make your training experience unique.

- 6 Week Program: $100

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