Personalized Small Group Coaching

Move at Your Own Pace!

Limited to only 4 clients per class, you can workout with others that are striving to achieve their fitness goals while following your own program.  Each program is tailor made for you and you only.  You are able to begin and progress at your current fitness level with no pressure to do what everyone else is doing. The programs assigned include homework for each individual to do based off of their schedule, fitness goals and facility available. This enables you to learn and grow not only with the group but also on your own so you can continue to build good habits

Program Design Format

1 - Spinal Mobilizations: Used improve posture and increase range of motion of your spine prior to exercise.

2 - Foam Rolling: Myofascial Release Technique to release tension throughout the Fascia of the body and allow the body to move more freely during the workout.

3 - Stretches: Used to improve the length/tension relationship and range of motion in your muscles prior to exercise.

4 - Warmup: Used to get your heart rate up and prepare your Stabilizer muscles for the workout to help minimize the risk of injury.

5 - Workout Program: A Primal Pattern Workout Program used to get your body moving in all planes of motions and using 6 of the 7 movement patterns of the body (Push, Pull, Bend, Squat, Lunge, Twist).

6 - ELDOA Postures: Postures, typically held for 1 Minute, Used to decompress the spine and create space between segments along the spine dependent on the specific posture used.

Class Schedule


- Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 6:30-7:30am


- Monday, Wednesday: 7:30 - 8:30pm

- Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7-8pm

Classes are instructed by either: Christopher Crawford or Jose Perez


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