Advanced Semi-Private Coaching

ELDOA, Abs and Myofascial Stretching


During this semi-private class clients are taken through several ELDOA postures with the goal of creating space along the spinal column, ribs and peripheral joints in order to rehydrate and improve the overall health of the spine and other joint spaces. In preparation for these postures, we start off with Proprioception exercises to bring awareness to specific areas of the body and also have take clients through Abdominal exercises in order to strengthen the trunk musculature. The Myofascial Stretching is used in between postures as a way to improve the length-tension relationship of the muscles and improve the quality of connective tissue (fascia) in the body, which in turn will lead to a higher quality ELDOA.

Cardiovascular Adaptation to Disadaptation


This is an advanced cardio class is designed to work your heart in order improve all three factors of your VO2 Max by using primal pattern exercises in different positions of the body which dictate which function of the heart works more (Stroke Volume, Cardiac Output and Heart-Rate).

Class Schedule


You can find these advanced classes taught by Chris Crawford on the schedule:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 6:30am

Tuesday and Thursday - 6:30 pm